About Us

GOOD CHEER GAMES was founded with a simple idea: I wanted to spend more time with my 12-year-old son. Not just video game or basketball time, but concentrated time where we could talk and I could really see what was going on in his world and give him encouragement and advice.

Like all kids, he’s always begging me to play games. During one rousing (exceedingly long) card game of War, it occurred to me that if there were if there were special cards hidden in the deck that asked the pressing questions I just couldn’t come out and say–like “when’s the last time you were angry?”–he would be happy to answer them (and I’d be more excited about playing War for the 10 millionth time). And so, BRAVE was born.

We’re a Christian family, so there are Bible verses on the bottom of each card to help guide the discussion, but we sell cards without them as well in a set called CRAVE. We hope you enjoy our products and spending time with each other!